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Many people consider law as an obstacle and a source of complications. We at VFH see it as an opportunity, inspiration, and a way of creative and effective assertion of our clients’ needs and interests. In our opinion law is for the daring, creative and resolute ones. And that is what we are while advising both well-established and entirely new ways of solving your problems.

We believe that proficiency in law is only half way to success. We consider a detailed analysys of clients’ needs and their understanding in full extension, and not only from legal point of view but also economic, organizational and personal, as at least equally important.All our legal services are always linked to all needs of our clients in order to produce a harmonious outcome. Our work stems from understanding of mutual relations and the need of comprehensive solutions.

Hence it does not matter whether you intend to resolve a dispute that has been lasting for years or to work up a complex corporate agenda. In both instances you will receive obligingness and understanding for all your needs.We will present the law as a tool to be more successful than ever, and it is only because we really like the law.

Law is a world for creative,daring and determinate people. It is an opportunity and a source of inspiration. It is a tool which we will use it creatively and effectively in your interest – because not only that we understand the law, we really like it.

Vašíček a partneři s.r.o., advokátní kancelář, IČ:29307601, DIČ:CZ29307601, společnost zapsána v OR u Krajského soudu v Brně, oddíl C, sp. zn. 73100

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